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We work shoulder-to-shoulder with our Clients in order to plan projects of all sizes. We want to grow with our Clients, which is why we place a particular emphasis on strategic consulting with the view to minimizing future risks and maximizing our Clients' prospects for growth.  In addition to the preparation and drafting of agreements and contracts with regard to trade and investment, we also represent our corporate Clients in the front lines of their business transactions and before the courts. Our services also extend to corporate governance matters including establishment of subsidiaries, branches and the restructuring of existing intra-company relationships. We are also involved in all matters concerning the establishment of companies, dealing with licenses, and creating contractual relationships.

Our broad based knowledge and extensive experience in dealing with laws in various legal fields allows us to provide practical insights and interpretations of new and existing laws and regulations. Because of this, our Clients are able to anticipate the impact of applicable laws on their business and are provided with the tools to more effectively manage their company's operations.

Advice and Opinions

Providing consultancy and advisory services is a cornerstone of our services; this is a service that all of our Clients rely on. The extensive experiences of our professionals allows us to provide detailed legal advice and thorough opinions on all matters relating to our Clients’ affairs.

We provide general consultation and advice on overall corporate policies and procedures. We lean on the extensive knowledge provided by our professionals to provide creative and practical legal advice and guidance in all legal matters related to our corporate Clients.

We appreciate that providing the right advice to our Clients is vital for our Clients’ continued growth and sustenance. In this regard, ensure that accurate and tailored advice is providedto the Client in a timely and effective manner. Furthermore, we also provide ongoing strategic advice as advisory or independent board members and are able to attend Directors’ and Shareholders’ meetings when requested.


We are able to cater to the client’s foreign direct investment needs. If the Client intends to establish a physical presence in a particular jurisdiction, we are able to provide the legal and administrative support required to create the most effective corporate entity that would allow the Client to achieve its objectives.

Our experience allows our Clients to rely on us for effecting strategic partnerships and joint ventures. In the event we are asked to do so, we are also happy to refer Clients to prospective customers, clients, suppliers and strategic partners.

Our professionals have experience in incorporating various corporate forms such as companies with limited liability, shareholding companies. In addition, we also have experience in establishing branches of existing companies.

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Doing Business

Many countries have particular rules and restrictions with regard to individuals (natural or corporate) who wish to do business in their jurisdiction. We can assist our Clients in identifying these rules and restrictions and provide the most effective solutions that fit our Clients' business objectives.

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We are experienced in the commencement, prosecution, and defense of legal actions internationally. Our approach to litigation is grounded in the belief that our Clients trust us to manage their largest and most critical litigation challenges, regardless the subject. Our multidisciplinary firm culture provides an environment in which our broad-based skills allow us to take on any conflict.

We represent Clients as plaintiffs and as defendants in a wide range of substantive commercial disputes over the construction and enforceability of complex commercial instruments and commercial agreements in all forms. We help Clients analyze the risk and cost of litigation and the relative benefits of settlement or mediation to determine the resolution that is tailored to their business objectives.

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Mergers or Consolidations

We are involved in preliminary work in any merger or consolidation of our Clients' companies or in the sale by Client of all, or substantially all, of the Client's share, purchase by Client of all or substantially all of the assets or shares of any other person, firm or corporation.

Our service is provided as a financial function that links directly to the purchase, sale, merger or takeover of companies. We act as the deal researchers, negotiators and advisors to our Clients, and oversee the execution of a transaction from beginning to end.

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Our vast network of attorneys, consultants and business relationships allows us to provide introductions to source and equity financing for our clients. Also, if our Clients are in need of acquirers for their assets/shares, we are able to identify potential acquirers. Our extensive contacts provides our clients access to our collaborative professional network of accountants, management consultants and other professional advisors.

We are also able to assist our banking clients in selecting underwriters and investment bankers. For more information about our vast network of professionals, please Contact Us.

Private Client Services

We provide unique Private Client Services to a number of our clients. Some of these services include inheritance and asset protection locally and abroad.

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Private Equity, Islamic Finance and Investment Funds

We undertake global fund formation activities, tax structuring, regulatory compliance counseling, public and private offerings of debt and equity.

Our creative yet practical approach to complex legal issues permits us to design effective business structures and prepare documents with regard to placement, arrangement, management and performance of investments.

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